As a human resource professional, or mobility manager, you are responsible for recruiting new talent, and the best talent for your specific mission is not necessarily available locally. You may be moving employees from one of your sites to another location within the company. With the help of SMART Relocation professionals, the arrival of your new recruit will be quicker and easier. If an international or domestic relocation is required, this service benefits not only the employees but also your company, by getting your new recruits moved in and settled as quickly as possible, ready to dedicate their energies to their new mission.

Smart Relocation can help by assisting with all aspects of your employees’ mobility, from locating accommodations and schools for their children, to intercultural training to introduce them to their new surroundings and French culture with a goal of easing them into their new environment.

SMART Relocation can help:

  • By assisting with all aspects of your employees’ mobility
  • By advising your new recruits about their mobility concerns
  • By taking your potential recruits on “Discovery” visits to help them in their employment decision
  • By helping you cut the total cost of relocations, by getting your employees focused on their new mission as soon as possible
  • By providing intercultural training to your recruits and their families, so they can adapt more quickly to their new environment, to be more focused at work.
  • By providing cultural “reintegration” training, to assist French “impatriates” in acclimating to their own culture.
  • By advising and helping to organize the geographical mobility of an entire team, department or company
  • By advising on social aspects of relevance to expatriates.