Conciergerie Services


SMART Conciergerie services offer assistance to help you get settled in your new environment as soon as possible, such as making purchases for your new home, like a dishwasher or washing machine. We can also assist you in buying a new car, or finding a good painter to redo the color in one of your bedrooms. We can help you find the new gym you are looking for, or a piano teacher for your child. We can take you to discover antique shops in areas not in the tourist guidebooks to help you find that special decoration you’ve been seeking for your living room.

Our SMART Conciergerie services can also assist in resolving any situations you may find too complex to handle alone, or direct you towards the competent authorities (theft of a cell phone, water damage in your home, problems with neighbors, etc.).

Whatever you specific needs, please consult our Conciergerie service for more information.