Discovery & Orientation visits

Pleasantly discover a new environment and region.

SMART Relocation offers two types of orientation visits, Discovery and Orientation, depending on whether you are trying to decide about making a move, or you are already here, and getting settled.


Discovery visits:

Since no international relocation is ever a small decision, we offer a “Discovery” visit to get you better acquainted with the region to which you may be moving. During this half-day or full-day visit, we explain the workings of everyday life in France (transportation, banking, health care system, shopping, schools, etc.), and give you a tour of the area. According to you budget and future office location, we show you several properties to give you an idea of the type of housing choices that would be available to you. If you are relocating with children, visiting schools could also be an option. This day is intended to provide you all the information you need to make a decision about your pending relocation to France.

SMART Relocation can also arrange your transportation from the airport, to welcome you upon arrival.


Orientation visits:

You have already moved into your new home, and are just starting to get to know France and your new country of residence. Our half-day or full-day orientation seminar & visits will acquaint you with the workings of everyday life in France to speed up your adjustment. We will explain all aspects of life in France, including a wide variety of topics including, transportation, banking, insurance, schooling and day-care, French administration, shopping, and much more.