Intercultural Training


Any international move will entail challenges for the entire family and for some family members more than others. One can feel uprooted from everyday life, and the language barrier can cause feelings of exclusion and frustration. We understand this at Smart Relocation, and know that with a better understanding of the people and the culture in which you are living, you can adapt more easily, and appreciate life in your new environment.

Life is different in France, and that is what people love about it as a tourist. But when you move here as a resident, the reality of French life is not the same. It is important for all members of the family to understand the differences and to have the tools to fit in more quickly, and to flourish in your new life. Our seminar covers not only topics related to life in France, but also gives insight into understanding the French.

SMART Relocation offers a half-day program for the entire family to better understand the differences between your home country and France. Contact us to find out more about this training.