En medio de la angustia generada por un cambio de país y el tenerlo que hacer con niños, dimos con Sara y su equipo, quienes en pocos días nos habían presentado diversas sugerencias de colegios para los niños, nos consiguieron citas en diferentes casas para buscar donde vivir y, todo lo necesario para movernos tranquilamente. Llegamos a Francia e hicimos varias visitas a colegios y casas. En dos días ya habíamos encontrado una casa para vivir, y en menos de una semana ya habíamos seleccionado el colegio y teníamos el contrato de vivienda firmado y las conexiones de los servicios instaladas. La amabilidad y profesionalismo de Sara hizo que una transición, que podría haber sido traumática, transcurriera de la manera más positiva y rápida posible. Muchas gracias!!!!!

Diego, Advisor, Spanish arriving from Colombia



With the anxiety generated by going to another country to live and having to do so with kids, we were guided by Sara and her team, who in a few day’s time had sent us several suggestions of schools for our kids, booked us several appointments to visit houses and provided everything for us to move smoothly. We arrived in France and visited several houses and schools. Two days after we had already found a house to live in, and in less than a week we had already chosen a school for our kids, had our lease agreement signed, as well as public utilities installed and working in place. Sara’s courtesy and professionalism allowed us to have a very positive, fast and smooth transition. Thank you!!!!!

Diego, Advisor, Spanish arriving from Colombia



I have to say that I was very happy with your overall assistance. Being French helps, but doesn’t create more time available for setting up visits and appointments, so your support was key to find the right flat at the right location. We certainly wouldn’t been able to end up in this sort of flat if I had managed it alone. You certainly have another evangelist !

Cyprien, Policy Analyst, French arriving from Lebanon



Once again thank you so much for your help it has been invaluable particularly when I talk with some of the people at work who have struggled to find their own place and are not very happy with what they ended up with but of course its cost them a lot so its hard to move again.

Ann, Head of Standards Department, from Australia



I’m very happy with your services, I highly recommend anyone coming to France to use them, specially if they haven’t been here before and don’t know any french.

David, Senior Software Engineer, from Spain



Thank you for everything, you are so kind and very helpful to me.
I would recommend you as an excellent relocation agent to someone who will be coming to France.

Otake, Project Coordinator, from Japan



We just moved in yesterday and we are very very happy, largely thanks to you! All going smoothly so far.

John, Deputy Head, Regional Activities Department, from Australia



Thank you, your help has been very much appreciated throughout this period.

Yevgeniy, Health Policy Analyst, from England



The apartment has been lovely – a terrific choice. The magnolias are just outside my windows, and have been blooming beautifully. Birds sing in the courtyard, and the location is blissfully quiet.

Thomas, Senior Analyst, from the United States



A million thanks for the very productive week. I am delighted to be moving to this beautiful corner of France.

Akiko, Japanese arriving from the United States



Again, thank you for making the arrangements. I’ve been really busy at work and you’ve made it possible to find a new place and move into it within four weeks of my arrival in Paris.

Michael, Senior Advisor, from England



We have no words to thank you for everything you did for us. Really, our transition period in France was a dream 🙂

Maria Clara, spouse, from Colombia



Thanks for this and for all assistance you’ve given in the past few weeks. I’m very happy I’ve chosen your company and I’ll quite surely get in touch with you once I relocate back to the Netherlands. Thank you very much!

Boudewijn, Tax Policy Analyst.Netherlands.



I contacted Smart Relocation services, as I got a job in Paris and was in a need for housing. I got their reply very quickly, and soon they already knew what I was looking for through an extensive questionnaire and phone interview. During the whole process I dealt with the same person who actively moved it forward. Their touch was very professional, yet at the same it really felt I received personal service. In less than a week after the housing visit I was holding the keys to my new home. Not speaking a word in French, and not knowing the way things work here, there’s no way I could have done it myself. To mention, their service also included setting all the other contracts for me as well (internet, mobile, electricity, insurance…) I really feel the money was well spent.

Markus, Energy Data Manager. Finland.




Our Relocation was made simple!! Moving to a big city and with no background of French and travelling with a family, I really got a big relief by the services provided by Smart Relocation – well, starting with adequacy in responding to my emails before travelling to Paris, and then looking for our temporary apartment, and then helping to move to a more permanent apartment and looking for public schools for my 6 and 11 year old children. I thought that was a great job. Please keep it up!

Shelton, Regional Programme Coordinator. Malawi.




It was very nice time spent with you during searching my house in Compiegne. I found a very nice one due to your help. If I needed to, I would ask you again.

Jinho, Program Purchasing Manager. Korea.




Working with (Smart Relocation) completely transformed our experience of finding an apartment in Paris. We’d read stories about the difficulties of dealing with Paris real estate agencies and we were nervous about trying to find an apartment in French. But with (Smart Relocation’s) help, we had an easier time finding an apartment in Paris than we’d ever had in the US. We had a detailed call with (them) beforehand and then (they) arranged a full day of appointments for us in Paris. We looked at eight different apartments that all met our specifications. (They) then handled the negotiations with the agents and a few days later we signed our lease. It was amazing. (Smart Relocation) transformed the process of finding an apartment in Paris into a fun experience that was also a great introduction to living in France.

Stuart, Analyst. Washington D.C.



I really, really can’t thank you enough. We returned home yesterday full of such excitement, joy and satisfaction, which replaced the fear and anxiety we had at the beginning of the week about all of the unknown and scariness of the move. Now, knowing we have such a gorgeous new home to move into on the 10th, we literally cannot wait and were sad to leave Paris yesterday, and are very excited to get back there! Your help and wisdom with finding our dream home was amazing and so appreciated. And thank you for this picture — the first official photo we have of this wonderful new adventure!! We will obviously be in touch this coming week before you go on holiday, but I wanted to make sure this message came through loud and clear: two very happy clients (I mean, look at the smiles!).

Sara B. Peace and Conflict Advisor, American moving from London.



That’s great news Sara – I will keep fingers crossed until the final word. And thanks for a fun day yesterday – house-hunting can bet such a hassle and you made it pain-free and a pleasant day out and about in Paris.

Shane S. Senior Policy Analyst, Australia.



Smart Relocation came highly recommended by my new Paris employer, and I was not disappointed. Sara saved us a huge amount of time and hassle, and helped us find both a terrific apartment and a good daycare situation. She was able to get our apartment set up with all the basics without a glitch. Afterwards she made her advice available to make any necessary adjustments. From the beginning, Sara was personally invested in making our transition a success and advocating for us in negotiations. Sara’s hard work, professionalism, friendly demeanor, and connections in the Paris rental market made what are notoriously difficult transactions much easier.

David W. Professor, University of California, Berkeley.



自分の家族は、海外での生活に不慣れであり、また、小さい子供がいるので、住環境や家の 設備など多くの細かい条件が整った家を探すことが非常に重要でした。しかしながら、フラ ンス語が全く出来ない私にとって、自分で家を探すのは非常に困難でしたので、赴任先の日 本人から紹介されたスマートリロケーションに依頼をすることにしました。

調査を依頼する家の詳細な条件は、日本を発つ前に、担当者の方とメールで相談しながら決 めました。そしてフランスに到着した数日後に、スマートリロケーションの調査結果に基づ きリストアップされたいくつかの物件の見学に行きました。

物件の見学は、担当者の方の車で家族と一緒に案内してもらい、希望条件に合った物件を効 率良く見て回ることができました。その結果、私の家族にとって理想的な物件を見つけるこ とが出来ました。

また、フランスの賃貸契約の手続きは日本と比較しかなり面倒ですが、担当の方に非常に良 く手助けして頂き楽に進めることができました。.

Yuki S. Toyko, Japon.



My family was familiar with life in a foreign country and had a small child. Hence, it was very important for my family to find a suitable residence for us. We have a lot of requirements for the
conditions of the residence for us. However, it was very difficult for me to find such residence by myself because we cannot speak French. So, we decided to contract with Smart Relocation, which was recommended by a Japanese staff working for the French office. Before leaving from Japan, we prepared our requirements for the conditions of the residence to search by consulting a staff of Smart Relocation by e-mail. A few days after arriving in France, we visited several properties selected based on the result of the search by Smart Relocation. At the visiting, the staff took my family to the properties by car. We could effectively visit the properties, which satisfy our requirements. As the result, we could find an ideal residence for us. The process for the lease agreement in French is very complex in comparison with that of Japan. But, we could easily complete it thanks to good assistance of the staff.

Yuki S. Toyko, Japon.



I just wanted to thank you myself, I’ve been mostly incommunicado the last two months but I greatly appreciated your help along the way. We love the new apartment, I’ve already got a lawnmower and tree pruner, been seeding new grass and eyeing flowers for when we get back. Day by day more sunlight comes in, even over the garden’s back wall, and the whole building is so quiet, you almost can’t believe you’re in Paris. I know you said first thing in the car we really shouldn’t get attached to the first apartment we saw but I think we did quite well, despite the very impressive selection you had lined up for us! If you ever need to use us as a reference I’d always be more than happy to gush on and on about how wonderful and supportive you’ve been!.

James, spouse, U.S.A.



Thank you so much for all your help. It has made our lives so much easier and settling in a lot easier. We are enjoying our new home especially the neighborhood with the market right around the corner!

Rabia, Epidemiologist, from Australia



This all sounds terrific! Many thanks for all your efforts to help us get settled in Paris.

Dave, Head of Energy Environment Division, from U.S.A.



Thanks again for all your excellent help! We really could not have navigated everything without your expertise.

Emily, spouse, from U.S.A.